• How long should I spend on each lesson?

    We recommend taking four days between each lesson. Experiential learning is designed to try the lesson, put it into practice, and repeat. Almost like your given sport!

  • What is the "Communities" section designed to do?

    Communities is an area where you can connect with like-minded individuals. This creates a platform where you can share experiences and tips and tricks that you have put into practice.

  • Do I receive a certification upon completion?

    Yes! The certification can be downloaded and proves to coaches, administrators, and employers that you have gone above and beyond to market your abilities.

  • Who should join the Skills Beyond Drills training program?

    Everyone with plans for their future can improve their soft skills and professional development. Whether you are pursuing a scholarship, or preparing for the professional world, practice the virtual lessons until you feel your confidence and control increase. Completing Skills Beyond Drills results in well-rounded, strong individuals.

  • Why is it important to practice?

    It is easy and understandable to want instant results. However, practice and respecting a progression is crucial. It can take time to become proficient in professional development and by going through the progression you are constantly developing your skills. Some content areas will highlight skill weaknesses that we can hone in and improve. Through practice and time, you will develop your own style and form of expression when presenting yourself! Training with Skills Beyond Drills will help to build your confidence and find your voice.

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Meet the Team


Karen Hughey

As a college instructor teaching Business Communications, Human Relations, and Professional Development, you will learn from the best what it takes to become a marketable student. Karen's passion lies in developing individuals into the best version of themselves. When that lightbulb goes on, and a student gets it, that's when cool things start to happen.


Rob Hughey

Rob is a former high school and college golfer who lived the student-athlete experience. As a lifelong athlete, competing in college athletics is a great conversation starter. Assisting the next generation of students to make their dreams a reality is what gets Rob fired up. You'll recognize Rob during training, and maybe even Hollywood in the not so distant future.

Business Development & Social Media Director

Chad McFarland

Chad brings an immense amount of value and unique perspective to Team Cura. After spending 14 years in alternative education, Chad made the transition out of education, but still holds a large passion for developing young people. On the weekends, you can find him officiating basketball, baseball, or football, or coaching his son's team. Anything that involves being outdoors, you'll find Chad!